Only supported on iPhones and iPads powered by an A12 Bionic processor or newer

iOS App:

The current build allows you to motion capture, record, save, and play the animation on a 3d model. You are then able to scale, rotate, and move the 3d model around the room. The WebViewer link also allows you to view recorded animations on a desktop or laptop web browser (not just the iphone).

At it's core, this application allows the user to transfer their body's movements to a 3d character. Upon saving an animation, they are stored on a web server for anyone to load. At it's minimum, this is a simple motion capture and playback application. Initial traffic will be generated by dance/movement viral challenges.

Moving into future goals, this application will further allow the user to apply VFX to the characters (example: particles on button press, or on specific movements). It will also allow you to pick from different 3d models to apply the animations to.

The final goal will be, allowing users to save the placement of an animated 3d model in a real life location. This allows users to author "Real Life Films" in particular locations. For example, interactive park structures.

This application begins at motion capture, and ends at full film making in real life locations that can be loaded by anyone.

Animation Video Test:

Waypoint/Pathfinding/Saving model placement Test:

Interactive park structure test: